Transcript: Tuning

Tuning the Universal Translator

  1. Tuning the Universal Translator

Note: Hillamina is asking you to access your memory while attuning to your surroundings. You may change the focus of observation and memory to phenomena such as movement, vibration, light, smell (or any other way of experiencing space and time around you)

Audio Script:

Hello, I am the Hillamina, your Universal Translator assistant. I’ll be translating the MEH experience for you today. Let’s start and tune this translator to you. 

[lots of space between instructions and sentences that follow:]

Whether standing or sitting, start leaning to the left. Place your hand on your left hip, or in the left pocket. Listen now with your LEFT ear, radiating attention outwards. Slowly note each sound this line of attention encounters. I’ll give you a moment to do that.

Now, repeat on the right side. I’ll give you a moment.

Thank you.

Now, think of the sound of a familiar object from your childhood. It can be anything at all. I’ll share mine. [sound of pages turning, sound of computer beeping]

Can you hold the sound in your imagination? You can pause this recording if you need more time to find it, or hold it. Do you have the sound now? How far back was it? Where is it now?  

Let’s move on.

Now tell me if you’ve ever heard a kitchen. [space of silence and then faint overlapping kitchen sounds] Have you heard a street? [street sounds] Have you heard a public swimming pool? [pool sounds] Have you heard an animal? [animal sounds]

[machinery sounds, gentle whirring]

Please find a sound in this environment now, and let yourself really hear it. Follow it, trace it, let it spend some time with you

[machinery sounds, gentle whirring]

Thank you. This calibration is complete. Enjoy your Universal Translator.

Tuning is complete –>