When our friend Bethany Z. passed away, her family asked if we wanted any of her prolific handwritten notes. We were especially interested in a journal in which Bethany describes discovering the works of a strange archivist “hidden in plain sight on the internet.” We were shocked at the depth of research, which we pieced together as best we could. It was also clear that Bethany wanted this information to be public but wasn’t sure where to start. In honour of Bethany Z, we present some of her findings in this work of art. – Brady and Helena

Helena Krobath is a self-described effective weirdo, working in arts, media production, and education. She is interested in sensory experience, place, and narrative forms.  Her sound installation for web, The World is Gone,This is the World, explores grief and medical violence during COVID, and is forthcoming from Decoy Gallery. Though she didn’t know Bethany for long, she feels fortunate to have experienced Bethany’s creative flame.

Brady Ciel Marks is audile sensitive. As a fan of queerdo sci-fi, and role playing games her over active imagination has often put her at odds with reality, growing up and the competitive forces that underpin our current capitalist dystopia. Her friendship with Bethany was an affective antidote now sorely missed. Brady’s vocation is teaching computational art, hosting the Soundscape Show on COOP Radio and bringing the good vibe to bear as a local DJ.

“Continuance Echoes” was written by Tash McAdam. Audio production by Helena Krobath and Brady Marks. Meh literature, protocols and zine work adapted from the notebooks of Bethany Z. by Krobath/Marks.


Terran Rogue as Verser Garathan / Pothsev, Josie Boyce as Broadcaster / Newscaster, Furious Green Cloud as Hallimina, Hank the Crank as Verser Hallidan / The Archivist


Text versions are available for audio material. The satellite image (shown below) can be clicked to bring up the transcripts matching each page’s audio


This project was created for the International Walking Festival of Sound and supported by Vancouver New Music and BC Arts Council.