Transcript: Garathan 3, 4, Meh Exit Protocol

Garathan 3

…contact with another verser, who embarked over a decablaze before me. They’re from the Ullert Arm of the TJ12…barely able to connect Psilinks…Ship nominally sentient…Pothsev used over seven billion combinations before a link was established…full archival exchange took place as according to the standards. We were able to provide some new material to bond with, which I’m sure will result in an Awakening! So listeners, keep your ears out for that and let me know if you hear about it! Pothsev is processing the data from their journey and cross-assigning it with our own. I was flattened to discover that the ship is the Neon Flash, who I followed for decablazes! Hallidan Veraj Amauter. [emotional] It’s hard to believe but when I was a little spawn, I listened to this very verser’s broadcasts every time they came in! I had almost forgotten how much I learned from them. They even answered my question once! Pothsev will create a beacon containing the combined information and we shall add it to our trail, even though another beacon wasn’t planned for another two and a half cycles. Due to gifting what we could to the Neon Flash, and the necessary beacon, the extraneous biometal comprising my suit must be reassigned. [sigh] Pothsev anticipates a wait of five cycles before enough new material is formed for another excursion…So I have something to look forward to! And laying viewers on another sentient being so far from mapped space has reminded me that no matter how vast this universe seems, we are never truly alone.

Garathan 4

…degraded…distance…[static interference throughout]…out of range of receipt… continue to transmit…beacons boost signal…if you are following my path…safe travels…send questions…we hear from you…

Meh Curator’s Note:

Imagine the bizarre position of a verser, alone in space. Your friends and family are so far away that it would take more than your whole lifetime to travel to them. It would take more than your planet’s lifetime.

You are like two points on a map, and no matter how far you zoom out, you can never see both points at once.

Would you feel your connection to them pulling on you, like gravity? Would that connection grow thin, like a single strand of spider webbing? 

Where is the connection, now?

Meh Exit Protocol: Use the following process to exit Meh safely

“Please leave the MEH dimension slowly to avoid nausea, allowing the sounds of your own dimension to fill the space – but you know it’s there waiting for you.” 

Find an armchair somewhere and sit in it. As you listen to [or sensorially experience] the world around you, close your eyes. Consider connections you share through time and distance with others. Imagine you share a mission with someone in the room now – what is the mission you want to share?