Transcript: Garathan 1, Newscaster

Meh Curator’s Note:

In this segment, we hear the voice of a second verser. At first we were puzzled – the earlier transmissions never mentioned a second ship. But if you listen closely, you can hear the contrast in quality – the first recordings were made with earlier technology. The other difference between the two recordings, however, is much more interesting…


[static]…carbon based lifeforms rejoice as a new breakthrough around the power of Curiosity has promising implications for increased connection with organic biometal and awakening sentience…[static][click][faint speech]…is it on?…

Garathan 1:

[alien chirruping]…hang on…[beeping].. Wait, negative, that’s light only and my Light Standard Communication is veruldid [sighs]…okay. Pothsev, my companion, my fine friend and Ship, translation circuits are reconnected. [Pothsev continues chirping animatedly]. The time units were monotonous without you…negative, I was not concerned, as always your systems were processing smoothly and efficiently. [pause] Thank you, affirmative, four new tombergines, matured last unit…indeed, they should be ready for harvest next unit…that’s right for nutritional processes…no, not the same as the paste I was using to soothe my shedding…oh, look, I’ll make you a reference list to check in your archives…affirmative, Pothsev, I will always answer your questions about organic lifeforms…[faded out]