Transcript: Broadcaster, Hallidan 1, 2

Meh Curator’s Note:

Welcome to the ContiNuance Echoes exhibit. This exhibit consists of deep space transmissions between pilots – referred to as versers – as they journey to the solar system of a brand new star. 

Their mission seems to be lifelong – maybe longer than a lifespan. This kind of journey transforms ideas like “lifespan”, and brings other metamorphoses, too.

Our exhibit has collected some fragmented echoes of these communications and transformations. Combined, the fragments start to show something of who these people were, where they were going, and why…     


[polished speech] Hiyat [HIGH YAT], greetings, [sound effect] and chetnizk [Chet Nejik] to all turning their audions to this broadcast. This speaker is known as Thedieliack [Thee dye lee ak] or Thede, of the Ranata, coming to you live from Gaal’w’q’x [Gay al wok kix] belt for our first look at new sun VBK98. News of this sun was reported by Verser Hallidan, who reported grooves in the dust ring of this forming star, and [sound effects in background of buttons and whooshing like technology stuff] here we are to … yep, [sounding awed] can’t wait until the first images get through. But in the wait time, feast your sounders on this, companions. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… eight little balls of possibility. Focusing in on our first, a fine pair of little moons around what looks like a gas giant, confirmed…[trails off, more real sounding] Thede cannot express the sensations… [more solid] as is the specified ruling of the interuniversal treatise of balance, Thede will now assign temporary nomenclature to the eight new planets. [sound effect that in a human would be a sniffle, but something alien] Thede so happens to have eight paramours in Thede’s tangle, and so will name one for each. Deddarius, Millik, Ratariat, Zo Az Nuz, Inolowuy [inn o lo way], Chlanethelan [chalan ethel an], G’g’uknuk….[gig you canuck] [fade out during name list]

Meh Curator’s Note:

We calculate that Broadcaster ships seem to trail verser ships for a while before going in different directions. It looks like Broadcaster ships gather information from deeper space regions and relay it back to their planets. 

Their nav data indicates these Broadcaster ships travel without destination, adapting constantly to the scanned horizon. At this point we have insufficient samples to establish more detail about their work.

Hallidan 1:

[fading in noises that bring to mind something connecting] [unintelligible clicking / rhythmic noise becomes intelligible speech] 

…zenith of Baleethet,  separation of Tazenvert and Pallcoran is 17 arcminutes…duration of voyage four decablazes, seven and one quarter gleams…[transmission stabilizes] This is Hallidan, in the vessel currently designated Neon Flash. Ship status has upgraded to DEVELOPING as of two gleams ago. Ship is showing basal intelligence, presenting as a minor preference for directionality, and so our course is changing. And how glad we all should be!  Today this verser is reaching you from the Gaal’w’q’x belt and the view is [sound effect as emphasis] slicing. The hydrogen and ultraviolet light bring to thought the liquid dancing of the Viosi at the unity ceremony of 114.15.. In the distance, vast infant stars are waving their light tentacles. Preliminary spectrum scans of this region reveal indications of hydrogen dioxide as well as haze and dust… [fade out]

Hallidan 2

[fade in] …received word that the new star system this verser discovered more than two decablazes prior has been reached. There’s an image with the report, this verser is sure that all listeners and enthusiasts of the verser way have enjoyed, but for this one, having a memento of my first—and so far, only—major contribution to the mapping efforts is more exciting than I could have envisioned. The image loop now lives next to the loops of my soft circle and other loops sent to me. There are so many times when I wish my dear ship, Neon Flash would awaken fully, and join me in this quest. Since Neon started showing signs of increased Interest, I thought perhaps… soon.[pause] But listeners, you keep me company, and provide the wonderful fuel of your thoughts. Without Curiosity, we would be adrift. This verser thanks all those listeners who take the time to bring curiosity and care packaging to deploy for me and others, supporting our efforts to expand connection and exploration. [starting to fade out] Whoever sent a chromophore request, versers follow the interuniversal standards, free translations into many outputs are available via the Connector…