Transcript: Archivist

So TEAM was surveying Dimension H49, when their sensors detected an anomaly. There was evidence of dimensional leakage, but all they could only pick up sonic traces.

The sonic artifacts seemed useless to them. No valuable materials could be extracted; there was no juicy technology to claim. After all, half of “TEAM” stands for “asset management”. The crew started calling it MEH as a joke: Museum of Extratemporal “Harkening”. 

Being an official observer, I take my job very seriously… I went to listen for myself. I picked up deeper hot spots once I realized a pattern was involved… A pattern I could observe, if I paid attention to things around me. 

I began my own study of the anomaly in secret. I learned there is a process for engaging with MEH, like an Access Protocol –  a set of gestures it will respond to. 

I have now stored the audio records in another timeline, in case TEAM gets wind of what I’m doing. I won’t let them shut it down.